In 1966 Lou and Judy married and headed to Anchorage, Alaska where Lou worked as a construction worker, but hunted and trapped whenever he and his uncle Chuck could get away. Due to the frigid temperatures of Alaska (at least that’s the story they have always told the girls), 3 baby girls were born within 3 short years! Lou was gone for many weeks at a time building all over the vast state of Alaska. Judy ( and the growing family of little blonde girls) would travel quite often with him in a little travel trailer. In 1972, the family of 5 moved back to the Peshastin area, buying 40 acres of pear orchards and a farmhouse. While pears were a great way to farm for more than 30 years, God had other plans and adventures in store for the Wagoner Family… Icicle Ridge Winery opens its doors for wine tasting September 1st, 2002

In 1990, Lou and Judy began building a 5,000 square foot log home on the North Road of Peshastin, overlooking the majestic Icicle Ridge Mountain. In the year 2000, American pear prices were drastically dropping, as the rise of foreign produce prices were more affordable. So, Lou began planting grapes. By the time 2002 came, the log home’s doors were open to the public to taste wine bottled by the Wagoner’s. The rest is history… 

But the story continues… Each guest who comes into the home will experience an unforgettable moment in their own lives, as the Wagoner’s share their home, their past, their wine and their friendship with you!