The story of wine at Icicle Ridge Winery started in the Fall of 2000 when we made our first wines… twenty gallons were made in two very small oak barrels.With the generous help of several local friends, we began crafting our first Romanze Blend, an unusual blend of Merlot, Lemberger, and Cabernet Franc. That wine has become the hallmark of our red wine releases and is highly anticipated by our friends and wine club members.

Since that time we have focused on several varietals and always emphasize an approach to red wine which is rooted in drinkability. Careful management of oak character provides most of our releases with just enough oak to detect, leaving the fruit in dominance on the palate and avoiding the thick tannic structure which results from extended barrel aging.

The first white wine to be released in 2003 was our 2002 White Riesling. Recognizable by its cobalt blue bottle and a stunning silver/blue label, it has become one of our most anticipated releases each year. We call it the Royal Ladies of the Autumn Leaves White Riesling in honor of the Royal Ladies organization in Leavenworth which provides community service and good will to our region from the business community. Our founder, Judy Wagoner, was the Royal Lady in the year 2000. This Riesling and our well-known Three Blondes Gewurztraminer are our hallmark white wines. We prepare our white wines, including our Chardonnay, completely without oak barrels, opting instead for stainless steel tanks. You will find our white wines to always be crisp, with lots of fruit character true to the varietals. Our recent release of Sauvignon Blanc is another stunning addition to our white list and has been a big hit among our staff member.

Much of the creativity at Icicle Ridge Winery is the result of our founder, Lou Wagoner’s reluctance to let a moment in life slip by without adventure. In his own words, “I never like to sit still. It’s more fun to be the lead dog”. This adventuresome spirit has led to several very unusual and delightful wines including our Touch of Huckleberry (a Huckleberry Riesling), Chocolate Cherry Passion, and our new release Razzamatazz (Raspberry Riesling). Another annual release is our White Merlot, always made from a single vineyard which imparts a remarkable hazelnut character to the wine. These unusual wine styles add fun to the tasting room and reflect Lou and Judy’s love for life.